About us

Our main goal is to provide our clients with up-to-date, reliable and safe inverter, offering the most efficient solutions. Besides, the company’s specialists carry out engineering and implement complex projects.

Who we are

Foxpower is a professional and exclusive manufacturer for power inverter. FoxPower is your complete source for DC to AC power inverters. We strive to carry the most complete line of DC power inverters available today.

As we are professional and focused, we have a clear target that to provide the most competitive products not only in quality but also at price to clients with those mature power equips.

Our team

Benson Xie

Managing Director

Faris Wu

Sales Manager - APAC

David Deng

Sales Manager - EMEA

Jony Chen

Sales Manager - America

Our laboratory

Our lab works day and night, using state-of-the-art machinery to run tests on electricity input/output and performance of our products, making sure all requirements on the products are met.

The team consists of sophisticated engineers, well-trained mechanics, all ready to bring to the best power backup solutions whatever your need is.

In-house manufacturing

we have complete control of the production process and meet our clients' desired requirements.

Competitive Price

Using the most durable materials and robust manufacturing techniques, we guarantee to deliver the best value.

Shorter lead times

We know how crucial it is to deliver the inverter when you need it, and we make it happen.

After sales service

Foxpower own huge stocks of replacement parts. We offer 48+ months of warranty on all our products.