EC split phase series

EC split phase series automatic voltage regulator

EC split phase series automatic voltage regulator is an electronic stabilier. This proudct is the result of constant technological reseach aimed at obtaining the best performance at the low cost. The product is a compensated type AC voltage regulator. It consists of MCU control unit, voltage regulator unit, compensator transformer, adjust transformer, and input/output protection components, etc.

When the grid voltage is not stable, MCU control unit samples the output voltage, and according to the requirement of setting accuracy, keeps the output voltage within the desired voltage range, by means adjustment of the voltage regulator unit.

Key Features

  • 1) Output voltage regulation ±3%
  • 2) Split phase output: 127/220Vac
  • 3) Protection from overload and short circuits
  • 4) Automatic restart after blackout, once AC utility power comes back on.
  • 5) Graphic display for visualization of the input and output voltage measurements, precentage of load, alarms, overload and fault condition.
  • 6) Acoustic signals of various kinds indicating alarm situations
  • 7) High efficiency
  • 8) Maximum reliability
  • 9) Smart design and easy to use

Model List

ModelRated powerInput voltageOutput voltage