Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

Foxpower energy storage system is integrated inverter charger, lithium iroh phosphate battery module with smart BMS control system. Based on excellent cell technology, our innovations make your energy storage system more enhanced and valuable.

With its integration, miniaturization, light-weight, intelligent centralized monitoring, battery maintenance and management, unattended, energy conservation and environmental protection, are widely applied in remote access network equipment, remote switch unit, mobile communication, transmission equipment, home energy storage and other areas as a backup power supply.

Key Features

  • 1) High overload ability up to 300% rated power for 20 second. It is ideal to operate sensitive electric and electrical equipment.
  • 2) Pure sine wave output wave to protect the precision equipment.
  • 3) 15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, protect load when used with generator.
  • 4) Power save mode to reduce the idle consume to save your money!
  • 5) Auto Generator Start (AGS) function to start the generator automatically to protect the battery when the battery capacity too low.
  • 6) Long battery life cycle can reach 4000 times RT 80% DOD, 6000 times RT 60% DOD
  • 7) Battery system with high working termperature, working temperature could be in -20~+60 degree. greatly reduce the cost of equipment.
  • 8) Flexible configuration: multiple battery modules could be used in parallel to make communication battery system of large capacity into practical application, both is to increase the output power of the system, and extend the backup time of the system.

Model List

ModelInverterEnergyAC Input voltageAC output voltage