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Inverter Charger

A Foxpower inverter/charger is a combination of a pure sine wave inverter, AC battery charger and transfer switch into one complete system. when the utility is shut down, the unit invers DC battery power into AC electricity to power your devices. When the utility power is back on, the unit will recharger the house batteries. It also allows any surplus AC power to pass through and power downstream AC loads, such as a light, or microwave oven.

The unit is smart choice for home or environments located in the area where utility power is in constantly shortage and long term interruption.

Power Inverter

Foxpower power inverter is a pure sine wave inverter which can convert 12/24/48Vdc to 120Vac or 230Vac 50/60Hz based on full digital and intelligent design. It features high reliability, high efficiency, concise outline, small volume, easy installation and operation.

Solar Charge Controller

There are two different types of solar charge controllers designed by Foxpower. The PWM and the MPPT solar charge controllers.

The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controller is for off-grid solar system, such as home system, traffic system, CCTV system, street light, garden lights, parking area, and bus station. It adopts the most advanced digital technique and operates fully automatically. The Pulse Width Modulation battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery.

The MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar charge controller is an intelligent, efficient, high-speed solar charge controller with advanced maximum power point tracking algorithm, which can harvest the maximum power from the solar array to charge batteries. I can be applied for flexible such as off-frid PV systems.

Automatic voltage regulator

FOXPOWER Stabilizer is an AVR (AVR means Automatic Voltage Regulator): this product is the result of constant technological research aimed at obtaining the best performance at the lowest cost.

AVR has a short response time, high efficiency, high reliability, can work continuously for a long time. It is applicable for all kinds of instruments, meters, communications, home appliances and work site.

Smart Lithium Battery System

Foxpower smart battery system is integrated lithium iroh phosphate battery module with smart BMS control system. Based on excellent cell technology, our innovations make your ESS (energy storage system) more enhanced and valuable.

-multi-layered protection on cell make the battery more safe.
-longer expected cycle life: more than 4000 times TR 80% DOD and 6000 times RT 60% DOD.
-Higher energy density: high energy & high power cell, compact module to optimize the battery system size and easy installation.
-Multiple arrangement and flexible configuration to make the battery system from small scale to large system.

Energy Storage System

Foxpower energy storage system products are power generators that are quiet and safe for indoor use. These products provide standard household electricity to run a wide variety of electronic equipment and appliances (such as lights, radios, tools, televisions, etc.). When electric utility power is not available, ideal for weather emergencies, power outages and even outdoor activities such as camping on a nice, sunny day, Foxpower energy storage system products are available in different sizes and power ranges.

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