Smart Lithium Battery System

Smart Lithium Battery System

Foxpower smart battery system is integrated lithium iroh phosphate battery module with smart BMS control system. Based on excellent cell technology, our innovations make your ESS (energy storage system) more enhanced and valuable.

With its integration, miniaturization, light- weight, intelligent centralized monitoring, battery maintenance and management, unattended, energy conservation and environmental protection, are widely applied in remote access network equipment, remote switch unit, mobile communication, transmission equipment, home storage and other areas as a backup power supply.

Key Features

  • 1) Battery adopts LiFePO4 as cathode material;
  • 2) The system adopts high performance of BMS battery management module. The BMS has the protection function in current, voltage and temperature, it also makes a good communication between battery system and the host equipment;
  • 3) Monitoring unit will automatically measure the battery charge and discharge current, charge and discharge voltage, single cell surface temperature and environmental temperature;
  • 4) Power cut off function .It will have the alarm information if the battery voltage is lower than the alarm value, when the voltage is too low, it will protect the batteries by automatic power cut off;
  • 5) The system has a good electromagnetic compatibility;
  • 6) All intelligent design, equipped with centralized monitoring module, it realizes the computer management which can communicate with the remote central control center;
  • 7) Effective combinations of Power control technology with computer which realize real-time monitoring and control all kinds of parameters and state;
  • 8) Using self cooling method and the whole system is with an extremely low level noise;

Model List

ModelRated powerDischarg currentCharge currentInverter

Product Advantage

  • 1) High volumetric specific energy ratio and gravimetric specific energy ratio, there is no special requirements for space and weight;
  • 2) LiFePO4 cell life cycle could reach 3500 times RT 80% DOD, 6000 times RT 60%DOD;
  • 3) High working temperature, working temperature could be in -20~+60 (recommended working temperature is -20~+55 , greatly reduce the cost of equipment;
  • 4) LiFePO4 single cell adopts fully sealed structure, can be arbitrarily put, no harmful gases and no pollution, and is the green environmental protection product;
  • 5) LiFePO4 battery has superior discharge rate performance; even a smaller capacity of LiFePO4 battery system can meet the large current discharge in any field of application environment;
  • 6) Flexible configuration: multiple battery modules could be used in parallel to make communication battery system of large capacity into practical application, both is to increase the output power of the system, and extend the backup time of the system.

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